Morning Sessions

Each morning of the Institute all attendees will gather in a single space.

On Monday morning, attendees will be welcomed to the Institute by TLC staff members who will orient them to the goals of the week, and talk about their experiences teaching and growing as educators across the CUNY system. Attendees will then participate in activities designed to unearth core questions and opportunities around thinking intensively with others about entering the college classroom for the first time.

On Tuesday morning, two panel discussions will kick off the day. The first will feature experienced CUNY faculty drawn from across the university who will speak about the process of conceptualizing a course, about their growth and experimentation in the classroom, about what to do when things go wrong, and about methods and tools that they regularly return to in their teaching.

In the second panel, CUNY undergraduates from a variety of community and senior colleges will discuss their experiences, noting assignments that have been impactful and memorable, and will make some recommendations to attendees about how best to approach their teaching. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of and interact with both panels.

On Wednesday attendees will be organized into “birds of a feather” groups to follow up upon ideas, methods, and resources they’ve been exposed to earlier in the week about which they want to know more. The goal of the day will be articulate what work needs to be done to prepare for the fall semester, and to develop a detailed plan