Each day’s Seminar is a focused space to model and discuss various pedagogical approaches that participants can adapt for their courses. These smaller, interdisciplinary groups are designed to build a community centered around the experience of teaching as graduate students.

Monday will introduce four principles of pedagogy that inform the work of the TLC: Socially Conscious Pedagogy, Accessibility, Writing Across the Curriculum, and Open Pedagogy. Participants will engage with these conceptual frameworks to examine ways that they respect student experience and knowledge. The principles are discussed in Section I of the new Teach@CUNY Handbook.

Day 2 will cover concrete practices that enact core pedagogical principles. In particular, we will practice backward design for learning goals, scaffolding, and integrating multiple forms of engagement.

On Day 3, through a discussion of the syllabus and its components, we will explore how to establish classroom practices that implement each participant’s vision of the course. There will be an opportunity to discuss and work on the Teaching Portfolio and its  artifacts.​ By the end of this day, each attendee will know what work remains to be done to prepare for the fall semester.